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about impact cap

Impact Capital Initiative is a social enterprise founded in South Sudan that aims to demonstrate that locally led ideas, efforts and initiatives have the potential to create impact in communities.  We are passionate about recognizing untapped potential and providing opportunities to ensure they succeed. We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all mold for changemakers and thus we invest in initiatives in the various forms that they emerge. We embrace and encourage innovation, new ideas and approaches to problem solving. Impact Cap is  also committed to contributing to learning that shifts the paradigm on development practices in the global south.

why we started impact cap

As founders, we wanted to create something that would contribute to the changing paradigms and practices in development. We believe that it is time to innovate and shake up the existing ways of working in the field of international development. At Impact Cap we are committed to breaking down problematic pre-existing belief systems and structures that promote inequality and do harm.


Working in a complex, conflict prone environment like South Sudan, requires deep contextual knowledge and experience to effectively implement conflict sensitive programming and manage any risk accordingly. At Impact Cap we pride ourselves of having over 20 years combined experience working in the country.  We ensure our staff and team members represent our values, who we want to be as an institution and what we aim to achieve in the communities we work within.


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