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the team

Our co-founders have a combined experience of 20 years with extensive background in efforts to create social change in South Sudan.Through our experience we have recognized that there are significant gaps and challenges in the current ecosystem. We are committed to leading by example and working with a range of actors both non-profit and private that are committed to making positive change in their communities.

our co-founders

Michelle D’Arcy is a Canadian citizen who has worked and lived in East Africa for the past 15 years. She has a decade of experience managing development and humanitarian programming largely in South Sudan. She has extensive experience in project management, managing grants, organizational development, partnership management and capacity strengthening. In recent years her work has focused on supporting local initiatives, strengthening civil society, particularly for advocacy, campaigning and peacebuilding. 



Nelson is South Sudanese technologist with over 7 years experience in computer networking and software architecture. He co-founded and led two tech companies in Kenya and South Sudan.  Namely and Kwaje has also been leading #defyhatenow’s ( Digital Media and Training teams since 2017. In this role, he has been able to work on initiating several campaigns focusing on creating a space for people to express their opinions online without the need to dehumanise others or spread false information that might jeopardise the safety and comfort of fellow citizens. He is also involved with several regional and international fora involved in the development of the internet and right of citizens Africa such as: Network of African Youth for Development, Internet Society, ICANN, KICTANet, and Africa CMS Summit.

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