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Scenius Hub is a vibrant youth space that supports entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, and collaboration amongst the youth in South Sudan. We act as a catalyst for empowering youth ventures. Located in Hai Malakal Neighborhood of Juba, Scenius is at a central place and is accessible from multiple directions. Currently, the Hub has over 120 members. Our community includes a diverse group of people from various fields and disciplines united under the umbrella of Scenius. The biggest value the community brings to space is the collaboration and sharing of knowledge that builds a strong collective vision. In its current form, the Hub offers an opportunity for the youth that is rarely found in South Sudan. Our Hub has a serene co-working space equipped with wifi, power, and shared workstations. The space also hosts a range of events on a monthly basis attracting youth and community members. We host a number of youth engagement trainings, creative evenings, a number of book launches, some musical performances and a comedy show.

Scenius Hub

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