Yel’la is an IOT (Internet of Things) COVID-19 health monitoring device that utilizes an auto-lockable smart wristband with a rechargeable battery that can last for 30 days on a single charge. The device has a screen for displaying vital health signs for a user and provides notification from health authorities on key information preventing the spread of COVID-19. The device comes with an inbuilt GPS, thermometer, heart rate monitor, and step counter. The device will also be linked to the Yel’la app which has more added features that allow users to view graphs and multimedia data.


Teambaktu Academy aims to enrich students’ professional experience by providing critical hands-on skills and knowledge needed for today’s market demands.

Teambaktu's curriculums are designed for anyone ready to acquire handy skills especially fresh graduates from higher education institutions in Africa. Students get to do short or extended training covering a wide range of topics and practices on one of the four thematic areas of the program. These include:

  1. Software Development.

  2. Infrastructure and Networks.

  3. Hardware design, product assembly, and maintenance.

  4. Interactive and User/Customer-Centered Design.